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Automate your prospecting, save hours of your priceless time and boost your growth!

Are you a recruitment agency with growth ambitions? Find the most relevant opportunities in your target market, with details about companies, vacancies and decision makers in one place.

Perfect for recruitment agencies with growth ambitions

B2B Database

Browse through business opportunities matching your search parameters.

 Under-the-radar Vacancies

More than 80% of vacancies out there are not advertised on any job platform. Now you can easily discover them too.

Contact Details

Who do I call? We know the struggle. We got it covered. We provide a suggested decision makers and their contact details.

Proprietary Metrics

Under pressure or missing KPIs? 

Approach prospects who are more likely to need recruitment services. 

Insights Bundle

All information needed for a solid sales pitch. Employer branding, financial metrics and fresh news about your prospect. 

How it works

Discover new opportunities

Grow your sales pipeline

Pick your filters

Looking for a Dutch FinTech company with 35 employees? Easy.

Explore relevant recommended companies & vacancies without hopping from one site to another.

Approach, sell and build relationships with new clients.

What we've seen so far





New opportunities discovered

Prospecting hours saved

Extra available hours

Saved in search costs

per month on average

per month on average

per month on average

How we save your time

On average it takes 15 minutes to find one opportunity and do enough research. That's why we want to save your time and let you focus on important things. With it is even less than 3 minutes. Find and qualify more relevant opportunities within your target market at less time. No more extra research and extensions: each vacancy comes with suggested email & phone of a decision maker.

15 minutes 

3 minutes

What our customers say

" found a lot of interesting leads with accurate data for us. And all data points were exactly the ones we wanted!"

– Nicolai Petersen, 

Business Developer at Statum 

"Using, I did the work of 1 hour in 20 minutes and I actually doubled my conversion rate"

– Fabrizio Bruziches, 

Recruitment Consultant 

Powerful subscription that keeps you covered

Unlimited searches 

1 000 000+ companies in Europe

Emails & phones of CTOs, MDs, co-founders and more

All-in-one research tool for the next-level recruitment consultants

Thousands of vacancies from 20+ job platforms each week

Researched information per each company

Get your demo

Let's explore it together

Free and personalised demo 

100% same day response

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Automating client research for busy recruitment agencies


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